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Santa 12-16-2023

I was recently able to team up with Angel Helpers Ministry with their Christmas Care project. This is an amazing ministry that helps families in need to give their children a Christmas. Ministries like this have a special place in my heart as my husband have been where these families have been before. We were having a hard time as my husband had just lost his job and we were worried that our kids would have no Christmas that year. A mimistry similar to this adopted our family for Christmas and bought our kids some gifts. We were so greatful as these gifts were the only ones they got that year. Angel Helper Ministry is an amazing program! The parents bring in there kids and drop them off to make Christmas presents for their parents, so they have no clue whats happening in the back. They have juice and cookies and lots of fun. After the parents drop them off they go to the back room where they get to shop for thier kids gifts. The gifts are on tables organized by age and sex. They also get shoes and coats! After they get the gifts they go to the wrapping station where the gifts are wraped. Then they put the gifts in a black trash bag (so the kids don't see them when they leave) and load them in the car. When the parents come to pick up their kids they are super excited to give their parents their gift. Then they get to pick out a stuffed animal and have a picture taken with Santa. I am so greatful for programs like this and was super excited to help these families out as I know exactly how it feels not to be able to give your kids a Christmas.

For the families that had your pictures taken with santa you can get your download here

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