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Hello World!!!

This is my first blog so I am both excited and nervous to see how it goes! I am a local photographer in the San Antonio area. I know right about now you are thinking "Another photographer? Don't we already have a lot of photographers in the area?" And you are right we do have a lot of photographers in San Antonio. But not every photographer is right for every client. As you know San Antonio is a big city with lots of surrounding towns and hill country. Every photographer has their own idea on what areas of San Antonio they want to cover. For example a photographer in south San Antonio might not want to travel all the way out to New Braunfels or Canyon Lake, like wise a photographer from the north side of San Antonio might not want to travel all the way to China Grove or Elmendorf for a photography shoot.

I will be blogging about photography shoots that I do as well as other photography related post. so for this post I would like to tell you a bit about my self and how I got started in photography. I did not always want to be a photographer, in high school I wanted to be a RN (but soon found out that science and biology was not my forte). So I considered joining the police force or the air force. I graduated not sure of what I was going to do. Fast forward many years a wedding and a couple of kids down the road to the present. My husband herd me talking about wanting a camera to take pictures of the kids and the family, so he got me my first camera a Nikon D3200 with a lens kit!!! I was over the moon excited and could not wait to start using it. Then I noticed how much I enjoyed taking photographs, and found it hard to put the camera down. So then I decided to make photography my life work. I enrolled in to The Art Institute Online to get my certificate in portrait photography. I was super excited and loved every minute of it.

After getting my certificate I attended my first photography convention... But I will leave that tail for another post.

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